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  1. Jun 06, 2024
  2. May 27, 2024
  3. May 26, 2024
  4. May 23, 2024
  5. May 22, 2024
    • Yuanle Song's avatar
      v2.9.0 add optional panel implementation based on posframe. · 510e2775
      Yuanle Song authored
      - see the implementation in zero-input-panel-posframe.el
        this is not load by default by zero-input.el.
        the old panel is built using C and gtk, which doesn't work well on Wayland
        display server. posframe panel works on both Xorg and Wayland.
        the posframe UI looks poor cause I haven't worked on make it pretty yet.
        the code is published so I have a panel that works in Wayland.
      - Makefile: do not warn about docstring longer than 80 chars when byte-compile
      - Makefile: auto detect s library path
      - fix a few docstring single quote escape issues.
      - bugfix: define-minor-mode uses keywords args instead of obsolete positional
      - bugfix: use after-focus-change-function when it's available, fallback to
        focus-in-hook and focus-out-hook when it is not.
  6. Oct 05, 2023
  7. Aug 08, 2021
  8. Apr 05, 2020
  9. Feb 23, 2020
  10. Feb 20, 2020
  11. Feb 16, 2020
  12. Feb 04, 2020
    • Yuanle Song's avatar
      update release doc · d0a3506b
      Yuanle Song authored
    • Yuanle Song's avatar
      v2.2.1 should call (zero-input-pinyin-register-im) · 37076840
      Yuanle Song authored
      once when the code is moved into a function.
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      v2.2.0 support auto convert 1。3 to 1.3. · f281fb16
      Yuanle Song authored
      This feature is enabled by default.
      To turn off this feature,
        (setq zero-input-auto-fix-dot-between-numbers nil)
    • Yuanle Song's avatar
      v2.1.0 allow switch between sync and async mode · 5c7782c3
      Yuanle Song authored
      for zero-input-pinyin.
      zero-pinyin now uses zero-input-pinyin-build-candidates-unified
      to fetch candidates. It is a unified interface, supports both
      sync and async mode.
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      v2.0.7 bugfix on zero-input-pinyin · fa27eb3a
      Yuanle Song authored
      sometimes after GetCandidate dbus call, zero-input-fetch-size and
      zero-input-candidates is not updated. This was because the async
      function callback didn't update the metadata in some places.
      - update initial fetch size and fetch size to be 1+ candidates needed for
        target page.
      - removed zero-input-build-candidates-complete function,
        each async call should have its own callback function, don't reuse this one.
        in callback function, post GetCandidate metadata should be updated.