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add zero-table.el

this is largely working, only waiting for integration with zero-panel.
parent 025bf542
;; a simple input method written as an emacs minor mode
;; (load-file "~/lisp/elisp/zero/zero-table.elc")
;; utils
;; this function is from ibus.el
(defun ibus-compute-pixel-position (&optional pos window)
"Return geometry of object at POS in WINDOW as a list like \(X Y H).
X and Y are pixel coordinates relative to top left corner of frame which
WINDOW is in. H is the pixel height of the object.
Omitting POS and WINDOW means use current position and selected window,
(let* ((frame (window-frame (or window (selected-window))))
(posn (posn-at-point (or pos (window-point window)) window))
(line (cdr (posn-actual-col-row posn)))
(line-height (and line
(or (window-line-height line window)
(and (redisplay t)
(window-line-height line window)))))
(x-y (or (posn-x-y posn)
(let ((geom (pos-visible-in-window-p
(or pos (window-point window)) window t)))
(and geom (cons (car geom) (cadr geom))))
'(0 . 0)))
(ax (+ (car (window-inside-pixel-edges window))
(car x-y)))
(ay (+ (cadr (window-pixel-edges window))
(or (nth 2 line-height) (cdr x-y))))
(height (or (car line-height)
(with-current-buffer (window-buffer window)
;; `posn-object-width-height' returns an incorrect value
;; when the header line is displayed (Emacs bug #4426).
((and posn
(null header-line-format))
(cdr (posn-object-width-height posn)))
((and (bound-and-true-p text-scale-mode)
(not (zerop (with-no-warnings
(round (* (frame-char-height frame)
(expt text-scale-mode-step
(frame-char-height frame)))))))
(list ax ay height)))
;; basic data and emacs facility
(defvar zero-table-table nil "zero-table's table, map string to string")
(defvar zero-table-sequence-initials nil "used in `zero-table-can-start-sequence'")
;; key logic functions
;; FSM state
(defconst *zero-table-state-im-off* 'IM-OFF)
(defconst *zero-table-state-im-waiting-input* 'IM-WAITING-INPUT)
(defconst *zero-table-state-im-preediting* 'IM-PREEDITING)
(defvar zero-table-state *zero-table-state-im-off*)
(defvar zero-table-preedit-str "")
(defvar zero-table-candidates nil)
(defun zero-table-debug (string &rest objects)
(with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create "*zero-debug*")
(insert (apply 'format string objects))
(goto-char (point-max))))
;; (zero-table-debug "msg1\n")
;; (zero-table-debug "msg2: %s\n" "some obj")
;; (zero-table-debug "msg3: %s\n" 24)
;; (zero-table-debug "msg4: %s %s\n" 24 1)
(defun zero-table-set-state (state)
"set state to given state"
(zero-table-debug "set state to %s\n" state)
(setq zero-table-state state))
(defun zero-table-show-candidates (candidates)
"show candidates using zero-panel via IPC/RPC"
(zero-table-debug "candidates: %s\n " (s-join "\n " candidates)))
(defun zero-table-sort-key (lhs rhs)
"a predicate function to sort candidates. return t if lhs
should sort before rhs."
(string< (car lhs) (car rhs)))
(defun zero-table-build-candidates (preedit-str)
(mapcar 'cdr (sort (cl-remove-if-not (lambda (pair) (string-prefix-p preedit-str (car pair))) zero-table-table) 'zero-table-sort-key)))
(ert-deftest zero-table-build-candidates-async ()
(should (equal (zero-table-build-candidates "ph") '("18612345678")))
(should (equal (zero-table-build-candidates "m") '(""
(defun zero-table-build-candidates-async (preedit-str)
"build candidate list, when done show it via `zero-table-show-candidates'"
(zero-table-debug "building candidate list\n")
(let ((candidates (zero-table-build-candidates preedit-str)))
;; update cache to make SPC and digit key selection possible.
(setq zero-table-candidates candidates)
(zero-table-show-candidates candidates)))
(defun zero-table-handle-punctuation (n)
"if n is a punctuation character, insert Chinese punctuation for it and return true, otherwise, return false."
(case n
(?, (insert ",") t)
(?. (insert "。") t)
(?? (insert "?") t)
(?! (insert "!") t)
(?\ (insert "、") t)
(otherwise nil)))
(defun zero-table-append-char-to-preedit-str (ch)
"append char ch to preedit str, update and show candidate list"
(setq zero-table-preedit-str
(concat zero-table-preedit-str (make-string 1 ch)))
(zero-table-debug "appended %c, preedit str is: %s\n" ch zero-table-preedit-str)
(defun zero-table-can-start-sequence (ch)
"return t if char ch can start a preedit sequence."
(member (make-string 1 ch) zero-table-sequence-initials))
(ert-deftest zero-table-can-start-sequence ()
(should (zero-table-can-start-sequence ?a))
(should (zero-table-can-start-sequence ?m))
(should-not (zero-table-can-start-sequence ?1))
(should-not (zero-table-can-start-sequence ?b)))
(defun zero-table-self-insert-command (n)
"handle character self-insert-command. This includes characters and digits"
(interactive "p")
(let ((ch (elt (this-command-keys-vector) 0)))
(zero-table-debug "user typed: %c\n" ch)
((eq zero-table-state *zero-table-state-im-waiting-input*)
(if (zero-table-can-start-sequence ch)
(zero-table-debug "can start sequence, state=IM_PREEDITING\n")
(zero-table-set-state *zero-table-state-im-preediting*)
(zero-table-append-char-to-preedit-str ch))
(zero-table-debug "cannot start sequence, state=IM_WAITING_INPUT\n")
(unless (zero-table-handle-punctuation ch)
(self-insert-command n))))
((eq zero-table-state *zero-table-state-im-preediting*)
(zero-table-debug "still preediting\n")
(if (and (>= ch ?0) (<= ch ?9))
(unless (zero-table-commit-nth-candidate (- ch ?0))
(zero-table-append-char-to-preedit-str ch))
(zero-table-append-char-to-preedit-str ch)))
(zero-table-debug "unexpected state: %s\n" zero-table-state)
(self-insert-command n)))))
(defun zero-table-preedit-str-changed ()
"called when preedit str is changed and not empty. update and show candidate list"
(zero-table-build-candidates-async zero-table-preedit-str))
(defun zero-table-delete-backward-char (n)
"handle backspace key"
(interactive "p")
(unless (integerp n)
(signal 'wrong-type-argument (list 'integerp n)))
(if (eq zero-table-state *zero-table-state-im-preediting*)
(let ((len (length zero-table-preedit-str)))
(if (> len 1)
(setq zero-table-preedit-str
(substring zero-table-preedit-str 0 (1- len)))
(zero-table-set-state *zero-table-state-im-waiting-input*)
(delete-char (- n))))
(defun zero-table-commit-text (text)
"commit given text, reset preedit str, hide candidate list"
(zero-table-debug "commit text: %s\n" text)
(insert text)
(setq zero-table-preedit-str "")
(setq zero-table-candidates nil)
(defun zero-table-return ()
"handle RET key press"
(if (eq zero-table-state *zero-table-state-im-preediting*)
(zero-table-set-state *zero-table-state-im-waiting-input*)
(zero-table-commit-text zero-table-preedit-str))
(defun zero-table-commit-nth-candidate (n)
"commit nth candidate and return true if it exists, otherwise, return false"
(let ((candidate (nth n zero-table-candidates)))
(if candidate
(zero-table-set-state *zero-table-state-im-waiting-input*)
(zero-table-commit-text candidate)
(defun zero-table-commit-preedit-str ()
(zero-table-set-state *zero-table-state-im-waiting-input*)
(zero-table-commit-text zero-table-preedit-str))
(defun zero-table-space (n)
"handle SPC key press"
(interactive "p")
(if (eq zero-table-state *zero-table-state-im-preediting*)
;; commit first candidate if there is one, otherwise commit preedit str
(unless (zero-table-commit-nth-candidate 0)
(self-insert-command n)))
(defun zero-table-hide-candidate-list ()
;; TODO do IPC/RPC call to hide candidate
(zero-table-debug "hide candidate list\n")
(defun zero-table-reset ()
(zero-table-debug "reset\n")
(setq zero-table-preedit-str "")
;; minor mode
(defvar zero-table-mode-map nil "zero-table-mode keymap")
(setq zero-table-mode-map
(list 'keymap
'(13 . zero-table-return)
'(32 . zero-table-space)
'(remap keymap
(self-insert-command . zero-table-self-insert-command)
;; (forward-char . zero-table-forward-char)
;; (backward-char . zero-table-backward-char)
;; (forward-word . zero-table-forward-word)
;; (backward-word . zero-table-backward-word)
(delete-backward-char . zero-table-delete-backward-char)
;; (delete-char . zero-table-delete-char)
(define-minor-mode zero-table-mode
"a simple input method written as an emacs minor mode"
(set (make-local-variable 'zero-table-state) *zero-table-state-im-off*)
(set (make-local-variable 'zero-table-preedit-str) "")
(set (make-local-variable 'zero-table-candidates) nil))
;; public API
(defun zero-table-set-table (alist)
"set the conversion table.
the alist should be a list of (key . value) pairs. when user type
(part of) key, the IM will show all matching value.
'((\"phone\" . \"18612345678\")
(\"mail\" . \"\")
(\"map\" . \"\")
(\"m\" . \"\")
(\"address\" . \"123 Happy Street\"))
(setq zero-table-table alist)
(setq zero-table-sequence-initials
(delete-dups (mapcar (lambda (pair) (substring (car pair) 0 1))
(defun zero-table-on ()
(zero-table-debug "zero-table-on\n")
(zero-table-mode 1)
(if (eq zero-table-state *zero-table-state-im-off*)
(zero-table-set-state *zero-table-state-im-waiting-input*)))
(defun zero-table-off ()
(zero-table-debug "zero-table-off\n")
(zero-table-mode -1)
(zero-table-set-state *zero-table-state-im-off*))
(defun zero-table-toggle ()
(if zero-table-mode
;; test data
(unless zero-table-table
'(("phone" . "18612345678")
("pyl" . "")
("pyli" . "")
("pylm" . "")
("py3li" . "")
("py3l" . "")
("py3lm" . "")
("pyop" . "")
("pyopl" . "")
("pympl" . "")
("py2" . "")
("py3" . "")
("py2i" . "")
("py2m" . "")
("py3i" . "")
("py3m" . "")
("pycodec" . "")
("pycodecs" . "")
("pycodecsr" . "")
("pycodecr" . "")
("pep328" . "")
("mail" . "")
("map" . "")
("m" . "")
("address" . "123 Happy Street")
("da" . "__da__")
("now" . "__now__"))))
(provide 'zero-table)
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