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v0.5.2.0 add README and COPYING file in msi.

minor, update "make clean".
update README to add some dev notes.
parent c78de815
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ build:
dotnet build --nologo mbackupw
dotnet clean --nologo
dotnet clean --nologo mbackupw
cmd /C 'del *.wixobj *.wixpdb *.msi rsync-mingw64-files.wxs'
%.wixobj: %.wxs
$(CANDLE) -dVersion=$(VERSION) $<
......@@ -112,6 +112,37 @@ is the window will auto close after mbackup finishes.
You can check mbackup run log in %localappdata%\mbackup\mbackup.log
Developer Notes
dotnet core 3 SDK and GNU make is required to build this project.
mbackup-for-windows includes the following components
mbackup a dotnet core console project written in F#, it parses command line arguments, parse mbackup config files and runs rsync.
mbackup-tests unit tests for mbackup. in F#.
mbackupw a winforms project written in C#, it is a winforms application just used to call mbackup, but do not show cmd.exe window. This is used in Windows Task Scheduler.
mbackup.wxs wix xml configuration to create msi installer
Makefile used to build the project
mbackup-config/ default mbackup config files
See ./operational file for design notes, dev instructions and some development
mbackup-for-windows version is set in mbackup.fsproj file.
To build the project:
make build
To run tests:
make test
To create a msi release:
make dist
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
......@@ -35,6 +35,15 @@
<Component Id="COPYING" Guid="*">
<File Id="COPYING" Name="COPYING.txt" Source="COPYING" KeyPath="yes"/>
<Component Id="" Guid="*">
<File Id="" Name="README.txt" Source="" KeyPath="yes"/>
<DirectoryRef Id="MBACKUP_DATA">
<Component Id="default_exclude.txt" Guid="*">
<File Id="default_exclude.txt" Source="mbackup-config\default-exclude.txt" KeyPath="yes"/>
......@@ -131,6 +140,8 @@
ExeCommand="&quot;[SystemFolder]SCHTASKS.EXE&quot; /Delete /TN &quot;mbackup-interval&quot; /F" />
<Feature Id="MainApplication" Title="Main Application" Level="1">
<ComponentRef Id="" />
<ComponentRef Id="COPYING" />
<ComponentGroupRef Id="MbackupHeatGenerated" />
<ComponentGroupRef Id="RsyncHeatGenerated" />
<ComponentRef Id="default_exclude.txt" />
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