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#+Date: 2019-11-12
Time-stamp: <2019-11-12>
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** 2019-11-12 how to test it? test it in a win 10 VM?
- search: lite weight win 10 VM
There are pirated specialized versions of Windows 7 and XP out there called
TinyXP and Tiny7. They are very stripped down and light weight.
Tiny7 is created using AIK.
- try get tiny7 iso/disk image.
tiny7 is no longer maintained.
try the old version.
Tiny 7 Windows : eXPreience : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
- I have a 4.1G MSEdge win10 vmdk disk on sheni. from 2016.
maybe just use this.
- there is no enough RAM on B75I3. I will stop bogon VM and run win 10 VM.
** 2019-11-12 mbackup for windows
- features
- windows installer.
bundles mingw rsync and ssh.
they are NOT installed to PATH. so it will not affect other ssh programs.
- backup file list;
user file list;
default exclude file list;
user exclude file list;
They have different value compared to mbackup for linux.
- script designed to run via windows scheduled task.
no service installed. no auto starts.
- implementation.
- there is rsync running on B75I3.
exported tasksched.msc config as xml.
that XML is not portable.
it contains hostname.
* done :entry:
* wontfix :entry:
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