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* COMMENT -*- mode: org -*-
#+Date: 2019-04-05
Time-stamp: <2019-10-23>
Time-stamp: <2020-02-02>
#+STARTUP: content
* notes :entry:
** 2020-02-02 documents
- Wrap best practices and tips
- meson build Reference manual
** 2019-08-31 ibus-pinyin userdb inference notice.
zero-pinyin-service reuse ibus-pinyin's userdb at
......@@ -98,6 +105,39 @@ see ~/c/gtk-im-module/, it uses myastyle-pre-commit-check in git pre-commit
- make the method work. use gobject property maybe.
- set default flags to my flags. reflect this in UI/config file.
* done :entry:
** 2020-02-02 how to use zero-pinyin-service dbus service using C client?
see example in ~/c/gtk-im-module/zero-pinyin.c
#include <zero-pinyin-service-generated.h>
- WONTFIX make zero-pinyin-generated a library.
- I choose to include the dbus xml in the project, and generated new header/C
files there. Still need to define a few const for object name etc though.
- problems
- only an so ( is generated.
how to install header files?
search: meson library() how to install headers?
- search: meson install_headers from generated source file
Generated headers cannot be installed directly · Issue #705 · mesonbuild/meson
foo.vapi files generated by Vala library() should be installed · Issue #891 · mesonbuild/meson
use install_data to install header files myself.
install_data(meson.current_build_dir() + '/foo.vapi',
install_dir: 'share/vala/vapi')
install_data(meson.current_build_dir() + '/[email protected]/Foo-1.0.gir',
install_dir: 'share/gir-1.0')
** 2019-10-22 support fuzzy pinyin.
- 0 no fuzzy
- 1 (0b1)
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