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......@@ -121,7 +121,9 @@ C:\ProgramData\mbackup\mbackup.txt
- Wix to install file in another name, add Name attribute in <File>.
<File Id="mbackup.exe" Name="mbackup.exe" Source="bin\Release\netcoreapp3.0\win10-x64\mbackup-for-windows.exe" KeyPath="yes" Checksum="yes"/>
- vscode powershell integrated console is not the same as powershell.
it doesn't read $profile, and can't run ". $profile" command.
it's best to press + to create a regular powershell terminal.
* later :entry:
** 2019-11-14 supports expand Downloads dir in user-default.list
......@@ -212,6 +214,10 @@ Both local.list and local.exclude.
- TODO how to support upgrade when I click a new msi?
currently every msi is a standalone msi and will always install fresh.
is the UpgradeCode used for this?
does <Product> version have any effect on generated msi file?
how to integrate this version with dotnet application version?
- mbackup.msi works on B75I3 host.
- try mbackup.msi on win 10 VM.
how to require dotnet core 3.0 in .wxs file?
......@@ -234,7 +240,6 @@ Both local.list and local.exclude.
it works.
PS C:\Users\IEUser> &"C:\Program Files\mbackup\publish\mbackup.exe" --target [email protected]:/data/backup/PC-backup/IEUser --ssh-key E:\id_rsa --remote-user sylecn
- TODO failwith should not be used in UI code. It throws unhandled exception. System.Exception.
search: f# exit early without shifting to the right
in haskell, I use maybeT and eitherT etc.
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